Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mirages at Largs Bay

It was a hot day down the beach 40C in Largs Bay (Adelaide) yesterday afternoon (3 January 2013). 4 kilometers away we see phantasmagorical atmospheric mirages of foreshore housing and harbour pilot tower at Outer Harbour. And I had my camera!  No Photoshop. All real.

How it happens:
Inversion layers of cool and warm air only a meter or two thick above the water bend and stretch the distant buildings with inverted versions hanging above joined by refracted tendrils seemingly transporting us to some kind of dreamworld. But we are watching nature's elements at work creating a spontaneous artwork that changes by the minute!

Few minutes later 

Some more minutes later

Here is the same scene about two hours later when the inversions dissipated

 Next day after a cool change.

Container ship approaches through shimmering haze.

The ship reaches the harbour.

These images were taken with a low priced Canon SX150 IS compact camera with 12x zoom that enabled me to get right into the mirages. These cameras are getting so good now I don't have to drag my heavier Pentax DSLR around with several lenses do the same thing.

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